Thursday, 31 January 2008

pay to weigh

ahhhhh it's Thursday again and i'm off to pay £5 to weigh in at slimming class !!! why i can get on them at home and i'm sure if i haven't lost one of the kids will happily shout , frown and tell me off ! but no i go my 3rd week in count down mode to my apruil holiday and not daring to uncover by pool lookng like i am , but there are plusses i have now given up smoking for 6 months yeahhhhhhhhhh but the down side was a extra 2 stone mmmmmmmmm . i know thats the balance of the world give and take ,

so here goes fingers crossed for at least a pound please .

Wednesday, 30 January 2008

I'm back

well i actually found the way back to my page phew , had visions of never finding it again , so ramble i can more,

Yesterday went from bad to worse, is there anywere at the moment were there is not a traffic jam ?????????? 10 minute school run took hour, and managed to blow car up.......................... ok slight exaggeration but trip to garage and bill to pay, so day started well, hence iron still calling me and still not done it yet !!!

mum bit .............................. is there a age when you don't want to rip your daughters head off ???????? mine is 18 she is a good girl , studying hard, helpful at home so why do we clash sometimes ????????? at the moment we are on the verge of it, but i'm off scrapbooking tonight, give us some space, and it is about the only time i get to scrap always good intentions but never quiet get there, might show you my page tomorrow, if i find were i'm going!

nothing ever simple is it, my usual scrapping place been moved got a map and tom ( my sat nav) and fingers crossed , now to do the hardet bit select the photos mmmmmmm always leave it to last minute can never quiet decide,

ok i'm going enough rambling for now ,

Monday, 28 January 2008

Have i made it ???

Everywere i go people are talking about bloggs, and have you read? have you seen? so here i am knowing full well i should be ironing ( it can wait) messing about on my faithful laptop to try and create one of my own .

and here it is my first post on my blogg!!!! even if it does turn out to be ramblings to myself hey ho so be it ,

ok briefly as i think the iron is calling me ( yep thought so) i'm sam , 42 years old but not sure were those years have gone, mum to 3 children who have grown so fast 9, 15 and 18!! ,this will very much be the ramblings of a 42 yr old mum !

my question for today is why do i always join the queue that moves the slowest??????