Tuesday, 30 September 2008

so little time

So many things to do so little time to fit it in ! but i have managed to do a scrap page today for the challenge on Tallyscrappers, well worth a look, we had list of things to use so found it bit of a challenge,

Apart from that seem to be spending most of the week being taxi driver for my DS and DD but i'm sure any parents knows the all about that always somewere to go,

Will try and catch up with HS/MS this week my camera is gathering dust can't have that ! something new going to happen there go have look i'm intrigued,

Monday, 29 September 2008


Help my laptop has gone to be mended and i feel like my arm has been cut off !!! so no photos from me for today , looking forward to seeeing what suprises HS/MS has in store for us : )

Amazingly i waited in today for laptop to be picked up and they actually arrived lol now that is a good start to week, down side is it will take 2 weeks ahhhhhhhhh what will i do ,

Wednesday, 24 September 2008


Thankyou to all who commented on yesterdays pictures, it seems chris t has actually found one : ) and kept it yeah i think i would have to, chris you are the only person i have ever know who has! As for maz's comment why did i not think of photoshop : ) will do another time now,

Ok so HS/MS prompt is Adventure today, and mine certainly was but not the usual, there we were 4 adults and 5 kids stuck at airport in spain all night !!!! some people shouted as frustrated, some cried , but us always ready to tackle a challenge set up camp for night , made beds for kids with things out suitcases told them what a adventure it was and what a story to tell when home, think it will be one of those things always remembered a right adventure it turned out to be just getting home, ( not to be repeated please ryaniar )

Monday, 22 September 2008

I turned into one of those people today that we all go urghhhhhhh ( or is it just me ) work meeting had dragged on and on all wanted to get away then he asked that dreaded question any questions???? always that 1 person who sparks whole new debate................. and we go arhhhhhhhhhh but today it was me !!!! how scary when i realised afterwards but i didn't understand something and i couldn't get others to see what i didn't get a circle of frustrated discusion ensued and i still don't think i got it lol but lesson learnt always a time when something not understood so next time that person goes but ......... i will understand and smile, ( this has probably been one of the worst bits of rambling i've ever done sorry )

Todays prompt of HS/MS is leaves and despite being on hands and knees no four leaf clover !!! has anyone ever found one ?

MMMMMMMMm delicious the HS/MS prompt from yesterday, had to be had ice cream well a 99 cone in the sun while out walking, but flake got ate first : )

Sunday, 21 September 2008

catch up

well just have to comment on the weather , real indian summer in september this weekend really does make me want to get up and do,

quick visit today to catch up first is HS/MS portrait saturday, not the prettyiest picture but my DD when i said come on smile once to often for the camera yesterday , the other is my SOS picture for today not sure in it but i have been playing about with macro and quiet like the way this one came out, so much to learn never enough time to play and learn, flowers were thanks to my partner he is wonderful : ) Align Left

Friday, 19 September 2008

love the weather

Oh what a glorious day chilly morning but then the sun so warm and bright makes the day seem brighter all round : ) Think i must have thought it was spring as turned out all my kitchen cupboards and if you knew me that is very very rare ! i#m clean and tidy but lived in tidy lol

So todays HS/MS prompt was enjoy and i looked at worl this morning but taken me 12 hours to decide on life is full of so many things i enjoy from a hug from my partner to seeing a squirel in the woods but settled on the picture below,

Thursday, 18 September 2008

2nd of day

a rare event 2nd post of day, i bravely ventures back to weight watchers today after missing 3 weeks with holiday and work and it was so scary i had to jump off quick 6 lb on in 3 weeks !!!! i am one of those look at food and my eyes absorb the calories !
The picture below is from my scrap class ( total paper crafts september kit) the other week and it's here for the We Spy : you spy prompt of the week which is CREATIVE,

Summer Back ?

Thought i might have been hibernating all winter as the weather today has been glorious have i woken up in may ?

My bug bear of the day is .................. why do people name there house but not keep the number ???? i spent 45 mins driving up and down a very long road trying to go slowly looking for a house for work today, some names i couldn't even see, now don't get me wrong i think it's nice to give your home a personality with a name but can you not keep the number too ????

The HS/MS Promt for the day is BIG - well i did the usual when you think of big and thought what is on my daily travels today that might be classed as big ....................... wasn't going past big ben, no giant dog, or huge strawberry ok sorry i settled for 2 common areas of big in our house,
BIG MESS ( please note DS room !! ) and BIG PILE ( ok i'm the culprit on this pile of shoes that keep growing )

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

way hey it's wednesday

Wednesday ahhhhh my day off work and first time in ages all my tribe out were they are ment to be : 0 Bliss ................................. so sat with my morning tea and pondered what was to be done..... Housework mmmmm nope.................... washing mmmm nope ................ could do some scrapping finish my pages from the crop ............... tempting ......... but i decided i needed some more glue dots and well you guessed it my pop to the craft shop ended up in 4 hrs shopping .................... ah but my saving grace is i did get some xmas presents ( oh there i go again swearing it is way tooooooo early to mention such a thing !!!! )

swiftly on HS/MS propmt for day for anyone who reads this apart from fellow HS/MS er's is JUICY - so here is mine today cut up and ready to be squeezed into my curry for dinner ,

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

made it

Real quick one tonight feet not touched ground, i really thought as kids got older life would get slower mmmmm big mistake mine are 19, 16 and 10 and my feet don't seem to touch the ground these days with them and no tucked up in bed early so i can have hour peace mmmm

HS/MS Prpomt for day is -floating - well as i did the clouds the other day for over had to re think so out came the ever faithful plastic bath duck and bubble bath and here's my float : ) don't you love her eyelashes : )

Monday, 15 September 2008

Manic monday

Some how mondays in my house are always the most manic day of the week no matter how much planning i do , but despite that today has gone relatively smoothly , ( best not say too much ) we all got to the right places yeah : )

HS/MS prompt of day is Row - Due to the manicness i am using photo from my hol in spain last month, it was a fountain display with music and clour but trying to catch it on camera was bit of a nightmare, but here it is : ) a row of water fountains dancing : )

Thursday, 11 September 2008


Another day and still here, apologise to friends in office today i had throw toys out pram half hour !!! bad mood me never : )

so no dull notes today HS/MS prompt is OVER and my DS took this from his airplane seat ( you know the ones we all want to sit in , he won that battle lol )

Someone left comment yesterday that some prompts flood us with ideas others we become stuck with this was aa stuck one !

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

welcome wednesday

Wednesday half way through week, and we made it out the door and to school college and work without a major drama this morning!!!! yeahhhhhhhhhhhh : ) knew it could be done, thankyou for all your kind comments yesterday they ment alot to me,

HS/MS Propmt for day thanks to suzyb is BAG - So i got camera out and went on the hunt for a interesting bag shot, came across loads but sure u didn't want to see my recycle bag, or the mess of my handbag, then there was shopping bags and bags food came in , oh and school bags but in the end i decided on the rubbish that had found it's way into my garden, then had brain wave as putting camera away it was going in a BAG !!!! so for your pleasure just for today we have 2 star photos : )

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Long Week

Think i'm in for a long week, as i've already mentioned my son has a degree of special needs andi spent hour last night getting him sorted and organised ready to get up and go to college today, thought i had it all done then this morning no transport to pick him up they messed up on time, i don't think people realise what a huge effect a little mistake can have, i then had to get other 2 to school and him 20 miles to college wound up over his morning ordeal! ahhhhhh dare i say bring back summer holidays lol
on smiley side it's my scrap class tomorrow so going to find time to hunt out my pics to take, find time !!!! mmmmmmm that makes me laugh never enough time,
anyway my HS/MS prompt is Purple - so here's a picture curitsy of my son when he discover macro mode on camera other month,

Monday, 8 September 2008

sweet mmmm

monday again and finally all 3 of my angels back at school and college , no matter how prepared we are always manic in the mornings but sure our house not the only one!
My sister wants me to do a sign language course with her which i would love to but at the moment i'm trying to work out how to add hours to the day to fit it in, anyone know sign language is it hard to learn ??

OK HS/MS prompt for day is SWEET, so here are my sweet tooth down fall biscuits with a cup tea and in my dreams feet up : )

Thursday, 4 September 2008

i want sun !!!!

Been on my travels well wander to beach each day for week : ) spain , sun sand and sangria now home to rain !!!!! and cold !!! want sun back ,

Sure some of my pictures will make appearance at some point but need to get back in swing of things so for HS/MS prompt ENTER today i'm cheating old picture but wonder how many others of us have the same photo ? if you've been to isle of wight you probably will have : )