Wednesday, 21 May 2008

1 job done

well i finally have done it, my dining room has had pile of scrapbook magazines for months and i have finally torn out all the pictures i want to inspire me, and donated the magazines to the recycle,

been playing ith my new toy my camera........................ now have about 100 photos of the cats ....... only ones who will let me play and take pics kids just run and hide ................. anyway welcome to my cats this is Flo

Monday, 19 May 2008

Did It !!

another day another ramble : )

i have done it at last , actually went and brought myself a DSLR today oooooo never had one but feel i want to do more with my pictures and how i take them, so this is thanks to my nan as without her i wouldn't have had it ,

still suffering from the wobbles, looks like will have to be couch potato for few more days : ( not helping my weight loose !!! ohhhhhhh did i mention back at weight watchers for 4 weeks now it's worked in the past so it will work this time as by august holiday i want less flab to wobble on beach ( too much information i know ! sorry )

took some ct pitures and kids pictures with new camera but as far as i have got today , well apart from surf all the scrapbooking blog sites i love , have you tried scrapping the music it lovely site were you create a page from inspiration of song lyrics , and this weeks song lovely go have a look its at .

Saturday, 17 May 2008


just won best picture in a challenge on flickr, with picture below , a day couch potatoing as unwell has it's uses : )

topic was minimal, go look can be fun and good way to look at the pictures you take differently

view from my sun lounger in egypht.


I'm back i know not that anyone has missed me, decided i need place to put my scrapbook challenges and other odd things i do on the net for groups , very new to this so no idea how it will come out but here goes : )

home being couch potato today have labarynthitis which makes me feel very drunk when i stand up ( no not over done the chardonney )

trying to get into photography more as enjoy what i do so far and came across great website called we spy: you spy ( is this how i do this any suggestions gratefully recieved ) each week they set the topic for a picture here is mine for my first attempt , bluebells nothing quiet beats them ,